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Frequently asked Questions:



Q:  When should I change the filter and Vit C replacement unit? 

A:   Every 12-14 months depending on usage and water quality.


Q:  I have been showering all my life and never had a problem, why should I use the Vit C shower head? 

A:  The quality of our water has deteriorated over the last few years and much needed added chemicals to make it user friendly, has severe side effects on overall health, wellness and skin care.  This showerhead will filter your shower water and neutralise the PH therefore we are offering clean, neutralised water in your shower and bath.  

Q:  Is it like the filter unit I have in my kitchen sink? 

A:  Yes – it is exactly like your small tap in your kitchen!   

Q:  What are the side effects of the treated water in my pipes? 

A:   It strips the skin of its natural barrier every time you are in the shower or bath thereby opening the skin up to inflammatory conditions.  Chlorine and other chemicals also are absorbed through your nose and eyes which could result in receptiveness of respiratory allergies.  

Q:  Do I get a warranty on the Vit C Shower Head? 

A:  Yes, 1 year from date of purchase.

Q:  Do I pay postage/courier fees? 

A:  No, that’s on us!  

Q:  I have poor water pressure in my house, how will this handle the low pressure? 

A:  The pressure builds up in the showerhead and allow only 6l/min water flow, therefore the low pressure wont affect your shower at all!  


Q:  How much does 1 shower cost me? A:  Per 10min shower with regular showerhead = R3.66, With Vit C showerhead = R1.46  

Q:  How much does 1 bath cost me? 

A:  Half full bath (50L) = add R12.00 to your water bill, Baby bath:  R6.00 extra.


Q:  What should I use to wash my baby with while using Vit C bath? 

A:  Please stick to a natural, chemical free product from health shops to keep your baby’s skin barrier in tact. 

Q:  Can I use the Vit C bath tablets in my washing machine also? 

A:  Yes absolutely!  Add it to your rinse cycle to make sure your clothes are rinsed in neutralised water with no chemical build up.  

Q:  Will you manufacture a baby and adults skin range to add to the chemical free solution you found for our water? 

A:  Yes!  Vit C baby, and Vit C skin will be launched later this year as added support!